Event Proposal Guidelines

***NOTE: We are not currently booking events of any kind***

We appreciate your interest in bringing an event to Cafe Coda! You will receive an auto response confirming our receipt of your inquiry. We carefully consider each request. Proposals with 2-3 performers will likely be more appealing than proposals with 1 performer.

The more complete your proposal is, the more likely you will hear back from us. If you represent a touring act, a great strategy would be to contact local musicians and/or promoters to help you put together a great show.

Cafe Coda can be rented for $350. If you are interested in renting out the space for a private event, please email eric@cafecoda.com

Additional information to consider:

1. We greatly prefer Friday and Saturday evenings

2. We typically need at least 1-2 local performers to successfully book an event.

3. We are open on an event-only basis. We do not have foot traffic. We do not have a built-in audience.

4. We welcome inquiries of all genres. We also gladly welcome benefit shows, tribute shows and other similar community events.

5. We sell beer and wine, tea and coffee.

6. We are a very small music venue and we do not have a dance floor.

7. We do have an intimate setting and an attentive and enthusiastic crowd.

8. It is unlikely that we will consider an event less than 30 days away. We prefer to plan 6-8 weeks in advance.

Please understand that it is impossible to respond to every inquiry. If you donā€™t hear from us, then we are unable to book your event. Thank you.

See form below for inquiries.

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